Mike is a law student who has once been burned playing poker, and has turned his back on gambling in order to settle in with his girlfriend Jo, and his studies. When his former partner in crime Worm is released from prison, though, he is tempted back to the card tables and realises how much he enjoys the thrill of gambling. Jo leaves him, and he goes on a poker spree with Worm, in an attempt to recoup a debt that Worm has carried over from before prison. The men to whom Worm owes the money get heavy, and Mike is forced into a showdown with Teddy KGB, the hood to whom he lost his life savings a year before.

Starring: Matt Damon, Gretchen Mol, John Malkovich, John Turturro, Josh Mostel
Directed by: John Dahl


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  maryam wrote @

سلام من با اجازه تون تو وبلاگم لینکتون کردم
موفق باشید

  elaheyeh sharghy wrote @

movafagh bashi

  Keshvary wrote @

سلام خسته نباشی . من یه معتاد ابدی فیلمم . این فیلم باید جالب باشه 88 دقیقه رو هم دارم ولی هنوز ندیدم دیگه بالاخره با حدود 700 تا دی وی دی ( وی سی دی ها بماند ) ممکنه بعضی موقع ها هم نرسی فیلم های استادو ببینی …

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